We are the oldest flying club in Houston, Texas. Organized in 1963 by Maybelle Fletcher, the SWFC has 50 members and operates 3 aircraft out of David Wayne Hooks airport (KDWH). We currently own two 2004 Cessna 182Ts equiped with G1000, and recently replaced our 1977 172 with a 2007 172S Skyhawk SP, also with G1000.

This site was developed as a portal for the use of the Southwest Flying Club and GA pilots interested in quick and easy access to aviation links and frequently used information for Flight Planning, Navigation, Aviation, Safety, Education and Shopping.

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Top Left: N65862 - Cessna 182T G1000 + WAAS

Top Right: N65664 - Cessna 182T G1000 + WAAS

Bottom Center: N826SW - Cessna 172S - G1000 + WAAS

Fly our two beautiful Cessna G1000 and WAAS-equipped 182T's, along with our recently acquired 2007 Cessna 172SP also with G1000 and WAAS.
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